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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

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Pure organic acai berry capslues are a great product & for the amount you get the price is reasonable, especially if you become a member, which is not a mlm platform. I've tried several brands, but nothing beats Amazon Thunder.


I am currently taking the pure organic Acai Puree by Amazon Thunder. This product is awesome and has done wonders for me! Amazon Thunder Acai is well worth the price I paid. The other brands just aren't as potent, and I've tried several of them. I think everyone should give Amazon Thunder a try!

Audrey D.

Dawson 1Dawson 2Dawson 3
"Don't take away my Amazon Thunder acai!"

Dawson Reum, son of owners Todd and Jeanette Reum @ 8 months!

Dawson Reum

My name is Denise, and I live in Fresno, California with my husband and three children. My 10 year old daughter Alina was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago. Her life has been countless trips to the oncologists for chemo treatments, no energy, being sick daily, and not having a lot of hope. The doctors said that children who have leukemia usually acquire the disease at a much younger age, which also increases their chances of survival. Alina has, until recently, had very low ANC #'s which is a sign of poor recovery chances for her. A good friend of ours, who works at the hospital where I also work, asked me in August of this year if I would be willing to have Alina start drinking a natural product that she had gotten from a relative of hers in Los Angeles. She is a very knowledgeable medical person, and she felt that it could be helpful to Alina as long as she committed to drink the product every day. The results which I am now going to share with you have been nothing short of amazing for my daughter Alina. I realize as a medical technician that the idea of non-traditional treatments other than drugs is not something that most doctors will prescribe. My daughter was sick literally everyday from the chemo. Nothing was helping her "feel better." When she started on the acia puree she immediately stopped getting sick (vomiting) everyday. Eight days after starting with the pure organic acai she had her normal blood tests run by the doctors. Her ANC has risen from 1000 to almost 4000! Her nurse practitioner was stunned when we told her about the acai berries. She said just keep doing what you are doing. Twice during the last 3 months Alina had to stop drinking the acai berry puree. Once while she was attending a Summer Camp (thanks to her improved numbers), and once to have her gall bladder removed due to the chemo treatments. On both occasions her tests show substantial drops while she was off the acai. Each time she was able to start drinking again her next tests showed significant improvements. These tests are verifiable proof over the last three months how my daughter's life has improved drastically with her continued use of your product. Alina continues to feel well, and her #'s are great! Her doctors feel that because her numbers are so good they are now increasing all her chemo. They feel with numbers this good, that her body can now handle more as they see a lot of kids relapse at this point in treatment. Alina said fine, and she told me she'll just start drinking more acai berry! Alina is now going to school everyday, and has not been vomiting for some time now, thanks to the acai berry. I want to thank you again for all you are doing to help our baby feel like a kid again. I feel in my heart the acai is what gave me my baby back. She is Alina again with all the energy that she had before she got sick thanks to you Todd and the best acai berry product, Amazon Thunder. God bless you! UPDATE: 5-11-09 Just wanted to touch base on how Alina is doing these days. Her numbers continue to be great, I hope Elaine has kept you up to date with those numbers. On her last visit her ANC was 3234, Plat 258, HGB 12.5 and her WBC 4.9. As you know all these numbers are just great, and Alina feels good she continues to drink her acai berry puree everyday, she really depends on it to make her feel better and it dose she is a different person when she drinks her Amazon Thunder acai berry drink. Other brands just don't do it for her. Back in February when Alina got sick from her pancreas (another side effect from the chemo) she had to be NPO for about 5 to 7 days and she was so sick she had no energy, the chemo had taken over. She was not herself. As soon as they told us she could start eating and drinking again I got the acai berry puree, and in just 2 days I could see her come back to herself, the sickness went away, and she got her energy back. I can see the light in her. She will drink your acai berry drink forever, she can't live without it. So chemo for us is coming to an end on May 28, 2009, They will do a Lumbar Puncture and a Bone Marrow on that day, then we will do the hardest thing and that is to wait to see what happens. This is the test when they stop chemo. They will continue to check her blood for the next 5 years. They say her cancer can come back just like that when they stop Chemo. I know in my heart that it won't come back, we will continue to drink acai berry puree, and one day when Alina turns 17 she will be cancer free. Thank you, Todd and Mike, for all you have done for Alina and for our family. You are always in my prayers. Without you and Amazon Thunder, Alina would not have been able to go to school and be a kid, you gave her that. Amazon Thunder gave her that it made her feel normal again.

Denise Garza
Fresno, CA

Great product, I can feel I have more energy after taking. Love this product! Pure organic acai capsules are the best way for me to take acai. They are very convenient, and you don’t have to drink anything or make your own acai drinks from powder. Simply take the capsules, which are pretty easy to swallow, and you get your daily fix of acai! I have tried other acai capsule products, but I didn’t really notice any difference in energy until I started taking Amazon Thunder’s brand (I could really tell I have a lot more energy throughout the day after taking 4-6 of Amazon thunder’s acai capsules in the morning, they actually work!). I’ve been reading a little into acai quality and have learned that a lot of other acai products don’t have high quality standards, and that much of the acai going around is made cheaply and doesn’t give the same health benefits as higher quality acai. This might be why I notice a difference from taking Amazon Thunder’s acai over other brands I have tried. I would rather pay a little bit more for something that works than less for something that does nothing for me. Thank you Amazon Thunder for such a great Acai Product!

Scott S

I think I had mentioned our Great Dane has a large tumor on her thigh. Well my son had the chore of giving her 2 Graviola caps per day. The tumor turned soft and was shrinking. Then I noticed it started growing. Well our son had stopped giving her the Graviola that is why the tumor started growing again. So we started her back on the Graviola 2 per day with 3 drops of bloodroot extract . Todd, within one week her tumor is shrinking and very soft to touch again. Thank you Todd for sharing about your horse and that you gave it your graviola daily for 1 month, and as you said its Sarcoma cancer which was a big tumor in it's sinuses is now gone after only 1 month of daily doses. That story truly inspired me and gave us much hope. I have shared all the info about my husband Bruce taking pure uncut Graviola with his doctors but not about the dog, they are so amazed...LOL I have also shared this info with fam and friends. All of us had the fear that my husband Bruce wouldn't make it for 6 months much less for almost a year. NOW HAVING THE GREAT NEWS THAT THE TUMOR IN HIS BLADDER WHICH WAS REMOVED ABOUT 4 MONTHS AGO HAS NOT RETURNED! Thanks so much for all the help and info. Your pure organic Amazon Thunder graviola is the best! Sherline Organic pure freeze dried acai capsules and acai powder have worked amazing wonders on my arthritis. I have old knee injuries from falling off a roof and no drugs, no pills, just Amazon Thunder acai works for me! I try and tell so many about it!

John Reeves
Greenville FLorida

Good Morning Todd
Sherline here. Dr. Vick scoped Bruce's bladder yesterday. We are very grateful to you there at Amazon and our Heavenly Father Jehovah God there was no sign of a tumor or inflammation. Your graviola truly is the best and works! 

Lake Tahoe

Thanks so much Todd, your organic Acai capsules have eliminated my issue with Acid Refux that I have had for years and had to take Xantec for it!  No more Xantec, and they have also cured a skin condition I had for years that I have been taking antibiotics for! Gary B / Calgary AB

Gary B