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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

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My wife has been in pain most of our married life which is 20 years this July. Every doctor said the same thing, "we cannot find anything wrong with you," yet the pain in her hip, back and neck continued along with fatigue and sometimes pure exhaustion. My daughter starting experiencing extreme pain 2 years ago in both her knees along with a rash and fatigue. After countless doctors we finally targeting it as some sort of auto immune disease like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc. It doesn’t matter what you call it, there wasn’t a single pain medication that worked. All doctors wanted to do was use steroids: this does not work well for a 12 year old. Her pain has flared up every 6 months like clockwork for the past 2 years. Then, last October, friends of ours at church gave us a bottle of acai berry juice. Within a week, my daughter noticed significant pain reduction. I started to research acai berry juice and came across Amazon Thunder's website in December and I believe it to be the purest possible. I started my wife on the acai berry, and within 3 days she had significant results. The first acai berry juice we were taking wasn't as powerful as Amazon Thunder as they diluted their juice with other fruit juices. Amazon thunder is just ACAI berries… 100% pure! I realize someone may read this and think I was paid or I work for the company… I totally understand as I am cynical as well when it comes to internet testimonials. I can guarantee you I am not affiliated with Amazon Thunder what so ever!

Jim Horner

My doctor took me off of my high cholesterol medicine because it was doing damage to my liver. I was worried because I had to get my levels down naturally from that point on. I started taking pure organic Acai Puree daily, and after 30 days my doctor measured my levels. I went from 122 to 90 in 30 days. It was amazing! Thanks Amazon Thunder for making a quality product that actually really helped me! I think it's the best acai berry product available.

Doug Johns

Today I celebrated my 35th career victory at one of the true great Southern Classics - The Heart O' Dixie Triathlon. It was quite a special one. First, the field was compromised of some of the tougher names of the South, and I knew winning would take a special effort. Second, while riding in 2nd, a few seconds back from the leader, I moved left from the shoulder onto the roadway and my front wheel got caught on a crack in the asphalt. I immediately met the pavement, crashing at 51 kph (~32mph). I got up quickly, checked my brakes and front wheel, and got back on, never stopping to assess the damage from the crash. I was able to speed back up quickly, riding mostly on the adrenaline from the crash, entering T2 in 3rd place. Though bruised and scuffed up, I had a fast couple of opening miles, catching the leader, and eventually finishing first, 30 seconds ahead of the rest of the quickly approaching field. The finish line was at a large county fair, so it was very well attended. The last 1/2 mile took place at the horse racing track, and it definitely was a great feeling to do a lap where they race. This was the event's 30th anniversary and I was pleased not only to have been invited, but to line up with some of the best from the South, and even more so to come out with a win. After the crash my spirits were broken for a short while, but I was able to bring myself up to speed and at the end of the bike I knew the win was still within reach. As always, thank you much for the continued support - none of it would have been possible without you.

Felipe Bastos


Left - "I increased my energy level and it helped with a rash on my girlfriend's feet."

Sidney Goldberg, North Woodmere, NY (83 years old)

Kicking some butt with the assistance of Amazon Thunder!"

Bernie Goldberg
San Clemente, CA

Hi. My name is Eddie. I have been taking the acai berry for about three weeks now. And wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My energy level is out of this world. Before I was really tired and did not get much sleep. But thanks to the Amazon Thunder product I feel so much better. Other brands haven't worked for me that well, but Amazon Thunder has. I believe it's the best pure organic acai berry on the market. Keep up the good work, I just ordered another bottle.


I found myself at age 62 for the first time feeling overweight. I was over 200 pounds and had never had to consider dieting because of my activity level. After a period of exercise and watching my eating, my results were not good. I had read about acai but there was quite a bit of negative warning in regard to quality and deceptive marketing associated with many companies. I found your company on the internet. After 6 weeks of using your product with diet and exercise, I was under my target of 180. I am using your pure organic acai powder scoop, I take one tablespoon two times daily. Nine months later, I am still under my target. Thanks for providing a great product with an honest appoach it has helped me a lot! I believe Amazon Thunder is better than any other brand.

John Ritchie
Knoxville TN

I started looking for an pure organic acai liquid that would have a noticable effect, so after looking at different products, I gave Amazon Thunder a try...and I'm glad I did. After 1 week my chronic knee pain that I've have for 15 yrs was not subsiding but GONE!!! I know a lot of people that swear by certain other brands, so I wanted to give them all a try just to be fair to the other products. If they are as good or better than Amazon Thunder, I owed it to myself to at least try them all and find out. Well all other main brands I tried did absolutely nothing for me. It's Amazon Thunder all the way! I was looking for an acai heavy product and with the purest form of acai available, Amazon Thunder is exactly what I was looking for. Amazon Thunder is a HUGE bottle that lasts from 3-4 weeks, it tastes great, and the effects of Amazon Thunder are felt quickly. It's 100% organic and kosher certified with no preservatives or added sugar to top it all off! What a fine product and nothing, nothing compares! The search is over!


I've been taking pure organic acai berry powder for about 9 months, and its a truly great product. I've felt better than I've ever felt in years, and when I don't take it I can really tell a difference in my energy level. Great product, great taste, awesome results, and the best part is that the Amazon Thunder brand has a large percentage of the acai berry in it. Hard to beat!