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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

These testimonials / statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


I feel that taking pure organic acai has improved my health in so many different ways. I recommend the Amazon Thunder brand to my patients at every opportunity because I believe it's the best they can get!

R. Donovan M.D
Norman OK

I am very thankful that your company presented the facts about the acai berry and its nutritional value. I am very health- conscious; I jog and weight lift and I always try to research products and go beyond the "marketing hype" of most products on the market today. I was using another product because I wanted the acai in my nutritional consumption. I later found out that most of what was in the other product contained what I already had in my other supplements and was paying for something I did not need. I am happy now I found the Amazon Thunder product because now I am getting 100% pure organic acai which complements my overall nutritional supplements. As a result, I feel great that I am getting the best acai product which ultimately translates into the best value and maximum acai health benefits for the money. FACTS SELL, HYPE WILL END UP IN HELL! Thanks Todd!

Tom Rizzo

I received my 32 oz bottle of Amazon Thunder acai puree on Friday the 14th of August, 2008. Had my first shot of it on Saturday morning then again on Saturday night. For the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep soundly into the hours of the late morning (weekend) and I woke up with energy. I was vibrant and raring to go. I am so excited to see how your product continues to work. I am starting a weight loss program and have incorporated this wonderful product into my daily routine. One 2oz shot in the morning and one 2oz shot before bedtime. I have edema (swelling of the hands and feet) really bad. Today is Sunday, the 16th of Aug and this morning when I woke up the swelling was minimal not the way it usually is when I wake up in the morning. I will keep you posted on my weight loss success and on any other success that my body partakes of using pure organic acai puree. Thank you and God Bless.

Queen Dixon
Tacoma, WA

I have been faithfully using pure organic acai berry products for some time now and I feel quite good on them all! Hearing about the product in person (at camp) and meeting the awesome people behind Amazon Thunder makes me sold on the product even more! It is always nice to meet the owners and staff of products.. Makes them even more believable! Especially when you see them using it too! It is nice to use a product in liquid form that tastes good AND makes you feel good! Great combo! Being an athlete I tend to not care as much about tastes sometimes as I have to allow myself less pleasurable foods when I need to be strict on my eating plan! So having something healthy that tastes good.. Well, that's pretty cool! But more than just feeling good, I am super excited about the health benefits that come with using the acai berry - all the antioxidants work wonders to help with my intense training, traveling and just daily wear and tear on the body, no added sugar or preservatives.. No caffeine..and the highest scoring pure acai product on the market with 20,000 ORAC units per Fluid oz!!! Hard to believe you can get all these awesome things in one item! ...But you can with Amazon Thunder! Thanks Amazon Thunder for making such an amazing product, the best acai bery product on the market ! Stay Fit, Love Life & God Bless U!!

Monia Brant-Peckham / F.E.M. CampTM Owner / Fitness Legend

Felipe Bastos

I am just back from the Tri-America race in New Orleans' Northshore. I had a terrific day and ended up with the win. I felt so strong throughout the whole race and my body was incredibly responsive every time I asked it to do more. Training hard and recovering with pure organic acai has made a huge difference this season for me. I can definitely say I am healthier being on it. Next up is the Southeast Long Course Championships, then the Kansas Iron Man 70.3 and the Black Warrior Triathlon. Thank you Amazon Thunder! Being Brazilian myself and knowing what real acai should be like nothing compares to yours in purity and quality!

Felipe Bastos / Professional Triathlete

Contest Photo

Amazon Thunder Photo Contest Winner! Since it is an election year, I thought it would be interesting to see our candidate, Amazon Thunder, have its rightful place at the National Convention of Health! All fun aside, the pure organic acai berry has improved our health and well being. Amazon Thunder provides a product that has the full capacity for us to enjoy the true fruit of the acai plant. We appreciate and look forward to your company's dedication to providing a product, that we will be able to enjoy well into the future.

Caroline Tabucchi

To let you know, my Amazon Thunder acai went to my 90 year old Dad. He is on dialysis and developed MRSA, a real killer staff infection that closed down one of our heart hospitals with 8 deaths. I called the CDC and they were not very optimistic. The death rate for anyone over 65 years rises dramatic, let alone a 90 year old. Dad also contracted C Diff, and then pneumonia on top of the MRSA. In fact, all of the doctors wrote him off giving me the song and dance about the "dignity of dying." Hooray for the pure organic acai berry! Figuring I had nothing to lose I started using my acai berry on Dad. Not only has he pulled through but he keeps getting a bit stronger everyday his regular primary gave us the best compliment of all on our last visit. He said "I would like to see you back in 6 months." Dad said, "you think I will be here that long?" The doctor said "You notice I didn't say "see you next week!" Thank you for offering this product and allowing the rest of the world a change to live a better life - in Dad's case - a chance to live.

D. Espo

The last 4 years I have had very high blood pressure and very high cholesterol. Since I have been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and taking my acai berry supplement. My blood pressure is steady @ 120/70, my cholesterol went from 240-188, and my triglycerides went from 480-114. I want to thank you for having such an awesome product that has helped me not only deal with my stress in everyday life but has made my health do a complete 360. I believe Amazon Thunder's pure organic acai berry product is the best out there.

Sam Biggs
Santa Ana, CA