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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

These testimonials / statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


I can see the commercial for Amazon Thunder now! ", works. Tastes great, works!"

Bob Boylan
Ponte Verda Beach, FL

I believe the Amazon Thunder brand of pure organic acai berry is amongst the I am now on my second bottle.

Mike Dawson
Auburndale, FL

I have been taking pure organic acai berry juice for about 2 weeks now. I didn't feel a , but I have to say my stamina is much longer, and I feel pretty darn good. I think with any product it takes some time for the body to note any new differences, but I haven't found a brand that works as well as Amazon Thunder.

Denise Langis
Wailuku, Hawaii

I have been on pure organic acai berry puree now for just over one week, my energy and overall well being has picked up dramatically. I gave a bottle to my girlfriend who then gave some to her father who had suffered a major heart attack six months back and had major heart surgery. He can all ready feel a difference in his body in only a few days of use! I haven't had this type of success with any other brand!

Dave Thiessen
Steinbach, Manitoba

After my first night on pure organic acai berry I had the best sleep I've had in twenty years! Amazon Thunder's particular juice is better than any I've tried before.

Effie Cruz
Milwaukee, WI

I am pleasantly surprised of the excellent quality of the Amazon Thunder Acai juice. It tastes so concentrated with even the remaining proportion of the omega oil content pertaining to the original berry. The taste has not been edulcorated with any sugar or fructose to make it more "pleasant" to the tastebuds (as our palates have been perverted with these junk foods prevalent on the market). This is actually important as we are too many that are either HYPER- or HYPO-glycemic. I hope you will never change anything in the formulation of this Acai juice, even if some people find the taste not sweet enough. It has to be considered a health product and as such should not be artificially modified for the sake of gustative criteria. It is rare enough to find a truly natural juice and till now I have not met such a "quintessence" as the Amazon Thunder Acai Juice really is. Having tried many products on the market, I did not expect such an experience. That's why I hope you will always keep Amazon Thunder in its original makeup and quality.

Monique Robinson
Courbevoie, France

First and foremost, thanks for an amazing product! My wife and I are feeling the impact already! We are thrilled with Amazon Thunder and will sign up our entire office and then some!

Chris Varisco
Branson, MI

I was totally depressed previously for 5 years now and I want to thank you! Since I started taking pure organic acai berry all my depression has left me and I have my life back! Thank you Amazon Thunder for the most 100% natural amazing organic acai products!

Deb Lowery