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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

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Three years ago I had to have a heart catherization. I had three 45% blockages. This week I had another cath done and had one 25% blockage, 2- 10% blockages, one 20% blockage and was told I have a strong heart. I have been taking pure organic acai berry for about eight months. I have less pain in my joints and feet. My energy level is pretty good now. Have lost 36 lbs with diet and supplement. It is helping my blood sugar. I am 70 years old and cannot believe the difference pure organic acai berry has made in my life. Just keep it coming as I would hate to be without it. Have started my husband on it also. Again, thank you Amazon Thunder for making what I think is the best acai berry product.

G. Cross
Belleview, FL

I have experienced a huge drop in my arthritis pain since beginning with pure organic Acai. My left foot was almost frozen in place with the toes pushed together and now my foot is normal and I can even splay my toes apart with absolutely no pain, I know it was all inflammatory related and the acai berry has really helped me a lot! I've tried some other brands, but none of them were as good as Amazon Thunder.

D Donahue Triverton
Rhode Island

I was in ill health. Surgery after surgery. Weak, tired and homebound most of the time. I heard someone mention this pure organic Acai fruit so I went on line to investigate. Amazon Thunder was the most pure product out there with no artificial ingredients, no 'water added' and organic. I decided to try one bottle and try it for myself. I started using one shot glass of acai puree last November 2007. Within THREE days I noticed that my arthritic fingers weren't as sore and in one week the swelling had disappeared! But, the thing that really convinced me that pure acai puree was the real deal was when I began to moved my bowels everyday, it really helped with that a lot! I have very slow mobility and was on my way to having a serious bowel resection, My doctor was thrilled that Acai puree had helped me in such a remarkable way. My energy level was steadily increasing and I felt happier than I had in a very long time! For me, Amazon Thunder acai puree has proven to be the best brand available! One other side effect that I didn't expect was losing ten pounds in the first month! When our twelve year old arthritic dog started to slow down and didn't want to walk anymore we chose to try acai in his daily food. Within a few days we saw a huge improvement! He was playful, eating better and waiting at the door to walk again! I am SO pleased with the amazing difference that acai puree has made in my life, that I want to scream it from the rooftops. All I can say is try one bottle and see for yourself!

Nadine Panek Roswel

I go to the Mayo Clinic once a year for general preventive health check-ups. I have CFIDS. Every blood test showed an improvement and I've only been using pure organic acai berry puree for one month! I have changed absolutely nothing else in my lifestyle. I also lost ten pounds since my last visit with combined exercise and supplementing the Amazon Thunder product into my diet. My Siamese cats are aging and I am trying it with them as well (in much smaller doses of course). So far they seem friskier! I have just placed an order for three bottles of the freeze-dried powder capsules!

J.B. Minnesota

I have had fibromyalgia for the past 23 years and to say it can impact a person's life is an understatement. As the years passed, the pain and fatigue grew...about 5 years ago it became much worse and the fatigue was unbearable. I spent the better (or worse!) part of my day on the couch. I could only get up for very short periods of time to do anything...wash a few dishes, sit down, put dishes away, sit down, do laundry, sit down. It seemed that's all I was able to do and it was having a great effect not only on me, but on my family, as well. I went to several doctors including an infectious disease doctor, but nothing anyone ever did or gave me helped. A friend of ours was selling a popular acai product at the time and gave me a bottle to try. It tasted fine, but did nothing to help my fibromyalgia. And then along came AMAZON THUNDER, what I would call ""! The difference it has made in my life has been an absolute and astounding blessing. I started drinking the juice just before we had to move and I had been wondering how in the world I was going to get anything done. Well, I DID get things done, and I know it was because of the pure organic acai berry juice! While I might not be 100%, I'm pretty close to it and couldn't be happier. I'm able to care for my home, go out and do things with my family, and best of all I can really enjoy my new granddaughter! All I can say is that I'm so thankful Amazon Thunder acai is part of my life, because now I can actually have one! I hope anyone reading this will give AMAZON THUNDER a has been so worth it for me and I KNOW it can help others. Do I sound over the moon? Well, I am!

Athena Hogue

My doctor took me off of my high cholesterol medicine because it was doing damage to my liver. I was worried because I had to get my levels down naturally from that point on. I started taking pure organic Acai Puree daily, and after 30 days my doctor measured my levels. I went from 122 to 90 in 30 days. Thanks Amazon Thunder for making a quality product that actually


My wife has been in pain most of our married life which is 20 years this July. Every doctor said the same thing, "we cannot find anything wrong with you," yet the pain in her hip, back and neck continued along with fatigue and sometimes pure exhaustion. My daughter starting experiencing extreme pain, 2 years ago in both her knees along with a rash and fatigue. After countless doctors we finally targeting it as some sort of auto immune disease like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc. It doesn’t matter what you call it, there wasn’t a single pain medication that worked. All doctors wanted to do was use steroids: this does not work well for a 12 year old. Her pain has flared up every 6 months like clockwork for the past 2 years. Then, last October, friends of ours at church gave us a bottle of pure organic acai berry juice. Within a week, my daughter noticed significant pain reduction. I started to research acai berry juice and came across Amazon Thunder in December and I believe it to be the purest possible. I started my wife on Amazon Thunder and within 3 days she had significant results. The first acai berry juice we were taking wasn't as powerful as Amazon Thunder as they diluted their juice with other fruit juices. Amazon thunder is just ACAI berries… I realize someone may read this and think I was paid or I work for the company… I totally understand as am cynical as well when it comes to internet testimonials. I can guarantee you I am not affiliated with Amazon Thunder what so ever!


Pure organic Acai Pulp Puree has done wonders for my Diabetes and . I have never felt better! When I stop taking it my symptoms come back. Customer for life! I believe Amazon Thunder's puree is the best!

Don Clemons
Flat Rock, NC