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Amazon Thunder Testimonials

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When I first found Amazon Thunder, it was given to me as a gift from someone at a sale. No, its not meant for you to lose weight, but for me, I did. I started out at over 350 pounds and was size 26, now I am a size 16. The pure organic acai berry makes me feel stronger, focused and have a positive attitude toward life. I have more energy and endurance on the acai berry. I will be 63 in November, no I don't look like it and no I don't feel like it, but when a lady at work who was taking those 5 hour energy drinks and was still lacking in energy and she asked me one day, what I took, so I told her my story, needless to say my friend is now taking the same products, and is no longer drinking those horrible 5 hour energy drinks. Amazon Thunder is for real one of the best gifts you could give yourself. For me, this is the Fountain of Youth.


Me after a year of using Amazon Thunder


Darla Flores
Dover, NJ

Amazon Thunder Acai is fantastic! I love the results I have, as I take it daily for overall well being and energy. I have arthritis bad but when I'm on pure organic acai berry, which is daily, the antioxidants and omegas do wonders for my arthritis, and I've never been so limber!

Jan Lendi

I am taking pure organic Acai to help me with my acid reflux issue and scalp condition and I am with the results and quality!

Gary Bredeson
Alberta Canada

I am so happy with pure organic graviola. I have tried many other brands in my battle against breast cancer and I am so amazed by the results im having! It is the and it is uncut and so pure, no other brand comes close to Amazon Thunder graviola!

Lisa Berumen
Virginia Beach, VA

I am taking pure organic graviola in my battle against pancreatic cancer. There is NOTHING like it, it is so so pure and I am so confident in it, it is safe and

Todd Carrol
Vancouver Island Canada

Amazon Thunder makes the PUREST Acai, it's so effective too and

Monica Brant / Fitness legend

"I found pure organic Acai Juice to be quite amazing! As I drank my Acai juice, I found myself becoming more alert and spunking. People were even noticing my new attitude. Although my energy level did not go up much and that is due to my present pain killer, I lost 10lbs of fat. I was not hungry or craving unnecessary junk foods. I just wanted to eat healthier. It is funny, but I just did. It was changing my whole outlook and way of thinking. See I suffer from depression, so I am an emotional eater, but with the organic Acai juice I just wasn't doing that anymore. I would take my 1oz in the morning and the 2nd 1oz in the evening mixed in a smoothie and was quite satisfied. Please make sure you intake plenty of water, that is what makes the work much better. I can't wait to purchase my next bottle!"

Dr Ortiz

My wife Vickie and I went to see the oncologist concerning her leukemia. He confirmed that the specialized Zap-70 test was done and that it was positive for CLL. (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). What he could not explain was why three weeks ago when she last had her blood drawn that her wbc count was 28000. When we saw him a few days ago, 21 days after the first visit, her wbc count was now down to 19000. A drop of 30%. Well, we told him that she was bathed in prayer, that she was getting a steam daily, that she was on a no-sugar diet, and that she was taking 3 ounces per day of pure organic acai berry juice. He kind of blew us off, until I told him that studies were being done as we speak by research scientists at UF concerning the acai berry and leukemia. He finally acknowledged that there must be some validity to it and since it was working he saw no harm in it and that Vickie might as well continue the regime that she started. (I even heard him dictate the same on my wife's office note). Well, I thought that you would like to hear this news. We obviously do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I can tell you this -- it will include Amazon Thunder acai pulp puree!

Walter Markowski
Port Charlotte, FL