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100% pure, 100% organic, 100% kosher, 100% uncut, 100% free of ALL additives, preservatives, fillers, added sugar, water, GMO's, and caffeine. 100% Amazonian harvested!

The #1 QUALITY brand in Amazon Rain Forest nutraceutials since 2005!


Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Graviola Caps. Purest and most potent form possible!

This is the purest and most potent Graviola by far over anything I have ever seen and I know it all in this category and have seen it all! Thanks for an amazing product! Bob - Santa Barbara, Ca

Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Graviola Caps. Purest and most potent form possible!

Graviola is also known as Paw Paw Fruit, Soursop, Guanabana or Guyabano. Our Organic Amazonian Graviola Freeze Dried Capsules are: Uncut, Raw and 10x MORE POWERFUL and effective than Graviola in Puree or Juice Form. The juice form does not contain the valuable vital leaf extract properties. Sugars may help feed cancers and may cause inflammation. You want to avoid them as MUCH as possible! May help to lower blood pressure, fight infections, fight cancers, depression and more. We have had many testimonies and from our own personal experience we have had amazing results on our pure organic graviola capsules fighting numerous cancers with dramatic life changing results. We make no guarantees or claims that this will beat cancer or that our graviola will work for you but we will say - never give up hope and hit it with everything you've got! Our graviola is 100% safe as it is made from only the vital leaf properties of the graviola tree and it has proven to be very effective from our own personal experience and from that of others who have shared their experiences with us.

Our graviola freeze dried powder capsules contain none of the seed or root of the graviola tree so are 100% side effect free and contain ZERO neurotoxins. We do advise that you supplement our graviola capsules with our Organic Acai Pulp puree liquid though however, as it is very important to flush out all of the killed off problem cells that our graviola takes care of. Great also for prevention!


Source: Curr Top Med Chem. 2013;13(14):1666-73. Anti cancer activity on Graviola, an exciting medicinal plant extract vs various cancer cell lines and a detailed computational study on its potent anti-cancerous leads. Paul J, Gnanam R, Jayadeepa RM, Arul L. Source Department of Plant Biotechnology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore-03. Abstract Nature is the world's best chemist: Many naturally occurring compounds have very complicated structures that present great challenges to chemists wishing to determine their structures or replicate them. The plant derived herbal compounds have a long history of clinical use, better patient tolerance and acceptance. Their high ligand binding affinity to the target introduce the prospect of their use in chemo preventive applications; in addition they are freely available natural compounds that can be safely used to prevent various ailments. Plants became the basis of traditional medicine system throughout the world for thousands of years and continue to provide mankind with new remedies. Here, we present a research study on a medicinal plant, Graviola, a native of North America but rarely grown in India. It has a wide potent anticancerous agents coined as Acetogenins which play a key role towards many varieties of cancer, Acetogenins are potent inhibitors of NADH oxidase of the plasma membranes of cancer cells.

Potent leads were taken for the study through literature survey, major types of cancer targets were identified, the natureceuticals and the cancer protein were subjected to docking analysis, further with the help of the dock score and other descriptor properties top ranked molecules were collected, commercial drug was also selected and identified as a Test compound for the study. Later, the phytochemicals were subjected to toxicity analysis. Those screened compounds were then considered for active site analysis and to find the best binding site for the study. R Programming library was used to find the best leads. Phytochemicals such as Anonaine, Friedelin, Isolaureline, Annonamine, Anomurine, Kaempferol, Asimilobine, Quercetin, Xylopine were clustered and the highly clustered compounds such as Annonamine , Kaempferol termed to be a potential lead for the study. Further study on experimental analysis may prove the potentiality of these compounds. In the experimental analysis, Graviola leaves were collected, and the extracted components were tested against the HeLa cell line and PC3 cell line. HeLa cells treated with 75 μg of a crude leaf extract of A. muricata showing 80% of cell inhibition. Further investigation of other experimental studies may confirm that these potential lead could make a great impact in which it could help to accelerate the pipeline of drug discovery.

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To those who have been directed to our site and are looking for the best Anti-Cancer treatment, we highly recommend taking our pure Amazon Thunder "Organic Certified" Graviola capsules daily, along with our pure Amazon Thunder "Organic Certified" Acerola Cherry for the most potent form of cellular oxygen enhancing rich vitamin C, which is also super for immune system building.  We recommend that you combine it with our most powerful award winning pure "Organic" Antioxidant Acai pulp puree formula, or our pure Amazon Thunder "Organic Certified" Freeze Dried Acai capsules or Amazon Thunder "Organic Certified" Freeze Dried Acai powder for optimum results.  You may also take our Graviola on it's own, but in conjunction with our acerola and acai it is even more effective. Go to our products page for all of our amazing 100% organic all natural Amazon Rain Forest 100% additive and preservative free nutraceutical supplements.  Highly recommended not just to help battle cancer and many other ailments but also to help with daily detox, circulation improvement, immune system building, anti-aging, optimum energy, daily prevention, unwanted fat loss, PH balancing and so much more! For more information on Graviola see this article and the breakthroughs. So much research can be done on the .Gov website. Here is a direct link to research and proven results on Graviola.  Only Amazon Thunder provides the pure Organic Graviola available uncut and with no additives.

Organic & Kosher Graviola Freeze Dried Powder; Made from the highest quality graviola leaves and skin. All natural vege capsules. No additives! 100% pure!
6 capsules minimum daily as 2 - 3x daily, up to 18 as 6 - 3x per day if you are fighting a serious ailment like cancer but only up to 18, but for many 6 -12 capsules are sufficient. Supplement with a probiotic, such as plain unsweetened yogurt or probiotic supplements. Try to avoid combing with Co-enzyme q10, due to the fact COq10 is known to energize cells and Graviola seeks out highly energetic cells such as cancer cells and seeks to destroy them. Do not take if you are pregnant, lactating or have considerably low blood pressure, if you do you can always decrease the dosage to just 2-4 capsules daily.

TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH with water but if you have a sensitive stomach take with food. For higher doses where you are taking up to 18 a day if an upset stomach occurs then take with food. For preventative measures you may take 6 capsules daily with a daily probiotic on a regular basis.
Store unopened bottle in a cool dry place. 90g total, each capsule=500mg, 180 capsules per bottle